Where Honey Meets Delicious! Jungle House Honey with Sunshine Limited Edition Gift Set💛

Honey.. I used to not like you, but now I do and it's all because of Jungle House honey!💯🍯@junglehousemy

Interestingly, I was not a fan of honey before, like my hubs. He taught me to eat honey but it's hard for me because I don't like most honey taste out there because some either taste too strong, very sweet or just weird to my taste. But things have changed when I get to know Jungle House honey!💛

My hubs loved the signature series, Jungle House Royal Black, fresh honey from Mahoni flower nectar which is good for immune health and high calcium. From there onwards, I learn to eat honey and I love the Jungle House honey because it's 100% pure honey harvested from tree or flower nectar. My current favourite is Yellow Love, the taste is just nice for me, especially for someone who just learn to eat honey. 

For me personally, if you want to start to eat honey or someone who loves to eat honey and want to give someone honey for any occasion, Jungle House honey is one of the best honey out there you should give a try and perhaps you'll love it! 

Jungle House has various selections of honey from fresh honey, honeycomb, honey drinks and honey soap for you to enjoy. Their gift sets are also beautiful, you can personalise your message and can be given as a perfect gift for any occasion. Beautiful gift set, natural, refreshing and delicious honey, all at Jungle House!

Honey, I'm holding the Honey with Sunshine Box Gift Set from Jungle House. The perfect gift to reward yourself or give this special present to that special someone. 

What will you get in the gift box:
☀️3x Mini Honey (40g) - Immunity
☀️1x Wooden Stirrer
☀️1x Ultra Hygiene Honey Soap (pick Royal White or Jungle's Eye) - Hygiene
☀️1x Mini Beautea - Anti-Oxidants
☀️1x Customise Msg (must leave msg upon purchasing)

This Limited Edition Gift Box includes 3 special honey benefits for your skin, eye and stamina. Awesome superfood! And you get special wooden stirrer, honey soap and beautea too! For me, it's an awesome deal that shouldn't be miss. 

🔥Special announcement, I'm selling this for RM70 instead of the retail price RM83 (16% off). Yes, you hear that right! Great promo🤩

If you're interested, you may purchase at My eCommerce Shop. Grab this special offer with me today❗psst, you get this special offer with me, yes me!😍

Reward yourself and your loved ones. Boost up your immunity with Jungle House honey! Where Honey Meets Delicious. Bee'ing with you is awesome!😉

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