Not your average hair colour brand - Pam&Roy Herbal Water Color

This Grand Prize Winner of the Korea Premium Brand Awards 2019 is totally not your average hair colour brand. 

Pam&Roy Herbal Water Color patented material able to keep your hair and scalp healthy, prevents alopecia caused by hair loss and helps to promote hair growth. One of the key features for me is it is free from chemicals developer πŸ’•

Unique benefits
πŸ‘©πŸ¦³100% grey hair coverage
🌱It contains 32 types of herb, plants, and grain ingredients that nourish your hair and scalp
🌿Includes patented traditional Korean medicinal plants to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth (Korean Red Pine, Mugwort Extract, Pestalotia Leaf, Sophora Flavescens Aition, Cnidium Rhizome Extract)
Free from Ammonia/ Henna/ Peroxide/ ingredient from animal/ mineral oil
Free from chemical developer (Pam & Roy uses Water as a developer for the colouring)
πŸ’œLeaves a subtle hint of lavender scent

Comes in a pack of 3 and individually packed for greater convenience and better hygiene. 

Simply mix the recommended amount of herbal water with warm water, and that's it! πŸ’§

Pam & Roy consumers have feedback that they did not experience any Hair Damage, Scalp Irritation, and Eye Irritation after prolong use. Instead, their hair condition improved over time!🌟

Pam&Roy Herbal Water Color can be purchased Exclusive at Guardian Malaysia at RM 43.90 @guardianmy

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Facebook: Pam&Roy MY

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