Birthday Gratitude - Mine and Yours 😘

Dear families and friends,

Thank you so much for making this birthday special with all your warm wishes and kind thoughts.

I would like to express my gratitude to all my family members, friends, colleagues, and my social media friends for wishing me well with all the wonderful wishes, virtual cakes, cute posters, and present. :D

Also, thanks for wishing me personally and singing birthday songs to me. Big hugs to my colleagues who organized a great birthday lunch and surprise birthday song and cake! That was an emotional happy-friends-family moment for me. Thanks for all the Whatsapp and social media wishes too.

Love you guys to bits..:)

Never-ending thank you to my mother who brought me to this world and care for me, my father who is the most patient and kind-hearted father who loves me very much, my brothers who always support me all this while, my sisters in law who love me just like their own sisters, my mother and father in law who loves me like their own daughter and my brother in law and sisters in law who accept me kindly to be in their family. Thank you to my foster sisters, best friends, and long lost buddies who always love me. Thank you to all my friends who love me with all your heart, accept and treat me as a good friend. Thanks to my teachers, lecturers, mentors, leaders, and bosses who made me the person I am today. Thank you to all my readers and followers who support and love my write-up and photos, it means the world to me.

Another special person is my husband who never failed to support me, especially in my bad times and always believed in my strengths and guides me to improve my weaknesses. I will be so much different than I am today if I never met you in my life and have you as my husband. Thank you for your endless love, patience, motivation, surprises, and gifts. And for all of these, I thank God the Almighty for giving me such wonderful people in my life and making them stay to celebrate my life with them. Despite the challenges I faced in my life and all the losses I have encountered, I am grateful for all the blessings You have showered me and You always know what’s the best for me.

I am not perfect and will never be, but I hope and will try my best to improve myself day by day. I hope someday if I am no longer in the world, my family and friends will remember and pray for me. I also hope my writings can provide some motivation and inspire some out there.

Birthday is another day for us to celebrate our life, nonetheless to me it is also to celebrate the people around me who are always there to support me and love me kindly. A million thank you to all of you and Happy Birthday to each and every one of you for loving me.

P.S. Apologies for the long note (just like receiving an award, lol, but if it is this long, I surely will be kicked by the organizer because it’s damn long :P). Nevertheless, this is how I felt and I am truly blessed, thus this is my expression of gratitude to all of you. If I missed mentioning you, even the slightest, you know all your good and memorable times with me, so you are one of them, and thanks to you too.

Hubby loves..he truly know what a writer really love❤😘

Photo Credit to my friends, Winnie, Harp, and Liza for capturing moments at Madam Kwan Restaurant. Thanks to Taran for organising and Desmond, Lilian, and all for celebrating my birthday this time. Missing more sisters, Aira, Jofina and Suriyani. Let's celebrate more next time. 😘❤🌷🌸 

Lots of love,

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  1. Oh wow, the birthdays are always so special and when there is this much tempting food, celebrations become more enjoyable. I recently celebrated my 30th birthday at the best event venue and opted for their Thai dinner buffet. All of the guests also enjoyed the cuisines a lot.

    1. Thank you Mark for sharing your experience! Birthdays are indeed special and it is a great moment to celebrate with our loved ones. Hope you had a blast and enjoyed your birthday with your loved ones along with good food! :)