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Hi everyone,

Are there any of you out there who are doing voluntary efforts to help those in need? Or is there any of you that is reading this article interested to do so?

I am looking forward to gathering more friends and volunteers who have the heart and time to contribute towards betterment - the life of another being, not necessarily humans.

I know that many of us have trouble finding the time and money to contribute to such efforts. I was there previously, thinking about when can I actually help someone if I can't even sometimes help myself to find the time and save money. However, every time I see the news about underprivileged people, seeing the stray animals near my house, down the streets, and watching homeless people try to get shelter and food really hit me hard.

Since I was a kid, I have always loved animals and people. I will try my best to treat people or animals as nicely as I could. If I saw beggars, I will usually give them, not all the time, but sometimes, and I treat them with food and drink instead of money. There are many sad stories that they have shared with me and it makes me realize a lot of things in life.

After I got married to my husband, we make an effort to provide food and drinks to the homeless in Central Market, Kuala Lumpur. There are many homeless and hungry individuals there that really need food. Unfortunately, we couldn't do it every week due to our tight schedule. We try our best to make it monthly.

However, nowadays, there are not that many homeless at Central Market because there is major renovation happening around the area. We try to continue our efforts in other KL city areas that have homeless people.

There are many other groups that are also making this effort to help the homeless and the hungry and you can find them mostly in social media platforms. I love their spirit as they get together and make it big.

For us, we started small as partners, and now we have beautiful, kind-hearted people who contribute money and sometimes effort to help us to help the poor ones. Here are some efforts that we put in place and we hope to have as many volunteers join in together to help these communities.

1) Feed the homeless and hungry
2) Feed and pet the stray dogs
3) Feed and pet the stray cats

1) Feed the homeless and hungry

We do not constrain ourselves from giving food and drinks only to the homeless. After our first experience of giving food to a group of homeless, we learned that there are many individuals that do not look like homeless people, but they are totally hungry and thirsty, food is all they need.

We avoid judging, we understand that some might just lose their job, have no place to stay, just lose their family, encounter financial problems, got sick, have mental problems, divorce, lost, drunk, drugged, or simply hungry. If someone comes to you and asks for food, it means that person really needs that food. It's not about free, it's about the need to fill their empty stomach, or they want to give to someone or some animals that are in need of food.

2) Feed and pet the stray dogs

I would like to emphasize the species, dogs. Yes, I'm a dog lover, besides being a cat lover. I love dogs since I was a kid, although I used to have one bad experience with a crazy dog when I was little. I ran from the dog and phewwwhh, luckily I survived.

Every time I see a dog, I always get excited, especially if I see a friendly one. I'm sure you know there are so many stray dogs out there. Not everyone can deal or like strays. Some people are afraid of them. But do you know that not all of them are fierce? Do you know that those strays that are fierce are because they feel afraid of humans? They feel that way because they are traumatized just like how a human being would feel and react if they have been bullied or treated badly. It's the same experience - feeling.

My advice is don't feel afraid until you are not willing to help a needy dog when they needed the most. It's alright to take precautionary steps to ensure that you are not getting bitten or infected by a wounded dog by wearing protective gloves/attire or just being extra careful. It's always great to give them food, especially bones if you can find them. They love it. And if you can see, not just to feed them, but they are some dogs that you can actually pat them (just see if there are the friendly ones) and they love every single stroke you give them.

These stray dogs and animals do not just want food, they want to feel love. Best, if you can take them home and take good care of them. If you don't, there will be bad parties who will do bad things to them, worse, kill. Really devastated.

Only take them home if you can really look after them. Do justice to them and yourself. Don’t take them for a while and throw them away when suddenly you realized that you actually are not able to care for them. There’s absolutely nothing wrong to care for dogs. All religions teach to do good to others, all living beings. Know what you are doing and just do what is right.

3) Feed and pet the stray cats

It’s the same as the stray dogs, they need food and water, and TLC (tender, loving, care). Animals are just like humans, wanting to be loved and sometimes they show their love in the most unique manner. If you can, adopt cats that are at the animal shelters or the strays.

Please don’t buy them at pet shops, unless you can do both. There are many sad stories at animal shelters. One of the saddest is when an animal is not managed to get adopted, they have to put the animal to sleep because they have to make room for those new strays that need shelters. The same goes for stray dogs. It’s very sad because although they are trying to help the best that they can, the numbers are too huge for them to cater to each animal.

Millions of cats and dogs are killed each year because the shelters are too full. That’s the reason why it’s advisable to spay the strays that you come across and your pets too. It is sad, but it is even worse to let them breed as their generation will be homeless, bullied, and killed.

Why I wrote this article is to briefly introduce you to the world of homelessness and strays. I myself need to do more although sometimes I feel bad because I struggle to do more because of lack of time. Perhaps, most of us would feel the same way, due to time, we don’t have time to do this – giving back to others.

All I can say is try. Try to go out there and experience giving a loaf of bread to the homeless. Feel it yourself, how to give people the things that they need – food, water, blanket, clothes, vital items, etc. When a cat or a dog comes to you, instead of shooing it away or beat or scold, why don’t you buy them a fish or food that they can eat, and give it to them.

Once you are ready, buy cat and dog food and keep them in your car and your house. Every time if there are strays, give them enough, so that they won’t feel so hungry. Give them clean water too. It will be quite hard at first because it’s not something that you used to do. Once it’s your routine, it will be easier and you will be enjoying doing it.

When you are really ready, do something bigger. It takes time to do all this. It takes dedication and you need to be committed. It does involve money, time, emotional feelings, people can also unnecessarily misjudge you, but you just do it slowly and wholeheartedly. If you have the money, if you don’t have time, find people that can help you to do it for you on your behalf. That also works and great. As long as you want to help what you can, that’s good.

I have learned from the homeless, poor, and strays. I also have learned from the rich. I hope we can learn more from everyone for us to understand better the world we live in and how we can make better certain things that we think are good for us and others. I know you have also your experiences. If you can share yours. I’m happy to know more and learn from you too.

Thank you for reading my article. I do hope anyone that is reading this article can help a soul today or do anything good to the environment and the world. Start with yourself, then you will eventually want to do more and more. It will be a habit. A good one.

Share your stories, experiences to inspire more hearts to do more today and tomorrow for a better us.
You can share your thoughts and interest in joining us to do more at

A kinder you and me. J

Lots of love,

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