Happy 2017 all with my Catch-the-Train stories :D

Happy 2017 my dears :)

May we live every day like a new year, always looking forward to better opportunities and positivity in life.

I wish all my readers all the great things in life and I hope you achieve your dreams. 

My husband and I don't really fancy going out during New Year's Eve to KL because of the crazy traffic and most people will go out and KL will be overcrowded with lots of peopleeee. This year we went down to KL to join fellow photographers as we were invited by our friend Amril to shoot the most awaited new year's fireworks at KLCC. 

We reached KLCC at 9.30 pm by LRT and as anticipated, the crowd was so bad that no one can enter the KLCC building and many people were partying using the horns where usually people play the horn thing at a football match. It was super duper loud until it gets so annoying and the chaos, only God knows. That is normal during New Year's eve when the crowd is crazy and people are like party animals. Just this time, it's not really a nice party, it's more like a rave party. Lol. 

There are so many kids who don't know from where and the foreigners. I guess it's okay until the stage that people are trying to snap unwanted pictures of women and try to pick a fight with random people. Just awkward. Our meet-up point was at Exxonmobil Tower parking lot, but unfortunately, we can't get through KLCC park and we have to make one big round to get to the meet-up point. It took us about 20 minutes to get there. 

Finally, we arrived and were relieved to see our friend and some other new friends. Many photographers were there and we set up our equipment for the shooting. Once the clock hits 12 am, boom! It's New Year, 2017, and they're all of us "shoot". I started a few clicks until I saw the images on my screen and told my husband "Oh no, the images don't look right". So he took my place and start clicking and I continue to record the video instead. Credit to my husband for capturing the rest of the beautiful images. 

I was anxious because we were close to the fireworks and you can feel the warm ashes hit you left and right. The sound of the fireworks was very loud. I felt like it was a war and it does make me sad to think about those who are in the real war. It must be terrifying to death. Once the fireworks show finished after about 9 minutes of a show, we waited for 15 minutes after we packed our stuff, hoping the crowd will be a lot lesser when we reached the LRT station. 

There were 7 of us in the end as we walk back from the shooting place to KLCC. Again, the normal route of the park is not accessible and we need to find some other ways. We just follow Amril and friends until at one point, we lose his tracks. 

On our way to them, we realized the KLCC areas were polluted with garbage. That was the dirtiest ever of KLCC and KL moment we had. Poor thing, they have to clear the place ASAP before the place is reopening to the public. Note to the public, please learn how to keep your own waste, and please do not litter. If there's no dustbin, keep your garbage until you find one. Thanks :)

To cut my story short (I know it's still long), in the end, we find them after several attempts of calls and directions given. The unfortunate part, KLCC station was packed from the stairs and no one can get in at all. All of us were worried because we knew the LRT station only opened until 2 am and that is only for KLCC and Masjid Jamek. 

Luckily, hubby gave the idea to walk to the Bukit Nenas monorail and all of us tried our luck and walked about 15 minutes to get there. Once we reached there, thanked God all of us managed to board the train and the crowd was absolutely way better than KLCC. 100 times better. We stopped at Hang Tuah and we split according to where we are heading back home. When we reached Hang Tuah, the auxiliary police were shouting "LAST Train" and we were like "Shoot, come on, let's goooo". We boarded the train with our friend Jo and we need to stop at Chan Sow Lin to change the train and she went back straight to Ampang. Till we meet again Jo. 

We waited quite long at Chan Sow Lin, about 15 minutes until the last train arrived. We reached home at 2.45 am and seriously, we felt so lucky to be safe and sound and manage to board the last train. We went straight to the mamak shop to eat as we were so hungry, the last meal we had was lunchtime because we do some work until 8.30 pm. Thought wanted to eat at KLCC but we can't go in as it was close due to the 'horn riot'. Lol. Definitely, it was a tiring journey yet unforgettable and meaningful experience. 

Happy to meet my high school friend, Param, and some of my new 'Catch-the-train' friends, Jo, Mike, and wife and Faris. Not forgetting our bro Amril, the famous yet humble photographer. Thanks for the invite that turns out to be 'what a way to kick off 2017' experience. Hey hey, we survived, with unforgettable fireworks and 'catch-the-train' memories. 

Cheers to more unforgettable meaningful experiences together as photographers and friends. :)

Catch-the-train survivor,

Enjoy our fireworks photographs >3

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