7 Ideas to Celebrate your Parties Better

Hey girls and boys..: D
How have you been? I hope all is good. I wanted to write this article for this year's Halloween, but I was too occupied on Halloween. If you are thinking of celebrating Halloween next year, I hope this article can be of help.

We won the Jack - O - Lantern Contest :)
Yeayyy for the team :D

This year I celebrated my first Halloween with my office mates and it was cool. 

I was part of the organizing committee and it was fun to handle the F&B, sweets, desserts and pinata. ;D If you intend to organize a Halloween party or any parties, here are some recommendations that you can consider to make your party awesome. ;)

1) Good Food - what is happiness without delicious food

Groupbase Corporation Sdn.Bhd
I ordered Malaysia cuisine buffet dinner with chicken rendang, asam pedas ikan tenggiri, sotong a'la Thai, fried season roll, kerabu seaweed, tofu with oyster sauce, fried mix vegetables, fried meehoon and Chinese fried rice with Malaysian fruits and orange cordial.

The buffet arrangement includes helper and 2 waiters. Price is affordable and the food was good. Their service is great from ordering till delivering the food and serving. The sad part is I didn't manage to eat a lot because I was busy capturing moments. Overall, we were satisfied because people gave positive feedback about the food.

2) Unique Cake - a party cake is a must!

Sofia Bakery
I wish it's my bakery but it's not. I always love this bakery because the price is affordable and the result is always amazing. I ordered a 3D pumpkin looking cake with chocolate moist filling. They delivered it to my office.

The cake was so cute and most thought it was a decor when we place the cake on the table. This is my second order from Kak Nurul. She's just an amazing baker. You guys should try a party cake, cuz that makes your event a bit special than having a normal looking cake. ;)

3) Your Fantasy Pinata - who doesn't like surprises?

Pinata Party KL
I always love pinata since I was small. Finally, after so many years, I managed to get in touch with this pretty and talented paper artist, Diyana. You name it, she'll do it. This time, I have ordered a pumpkin pinata with her. Previously we ordered a beach ball, jellyfish and Pokemon ball (Pokeball) with her for our family day event. The kids love it! And this time, the adults love it. 

The artwork is intricate and amazing. I filled the pinata with 2 kg of sweets and chocolates and RM 100 cash. Luckily, my team and I managed to hit the pinata and won everything inside because we won the Jack-O-Lantern challenge (pumpkin carving). We shared the sweets and chocs with everyone at the party. The money was split between the 6 of us. It was absolute to feel young again with a cool pinata at a party. ;D

4) Choc and sweets - makes life even sweeter

This is easy. Just go to Tesco and you get most of the sweets there. I get mixed flavours or Fruit Plus and sour mentos to make beautiful colour combinations of sweets. I bought some mint, toffee chocs and Cadbury chocolate caramel sweets to make it even more colourful and sweeeeet. I tried to inject some fun and unique sweets like Doraemon sweets and Gold Bar chocs. I budgeted RM 50 and yes, 2 kg of sweets and chocolates, were enough to make everyone go gaga for the night. ;P

5) Party Decor

Daiso and DIY
These two shops are so good, especially the latter. DIY is much cheaper compared to Daiso, but there are things you can get in Daiso but not in DIY. Sometimes it is the same thing, but it is a bit more expensive at Daiso and the quality can be different compared to DIY. Both places are just great to find most of the things that you need. My team got most of the Halloween decor at Daiso and DIY. It's very nice and you can get them at an affordable price.

6) Fantastic Costume - if it's party time, it means it's dress up time 

Costumes 'N' Parties
This is new to me. I always buy clothes even for parties, but not this Halloween party, I rented instead. I wanted to buy but they don't sell, only rent. The costumes are all in good condition and the assistants are helpful and nice. It was a last-minute decision for me to actually rent a costume because I heard my boss is wearing a costume and I think I should be wearing one too for the fun. 

So I ran and rent for the day and yeah, I was supposed to be a vampire but everyone said I'm the little red riding hood. I didn't do the vampire make up so I turn out to be the red riding hood. It was nice to dress up for such an event. I highly recommend this shop. So many awesome costumes, reasonable price and good shop assistants.

7) Good Music 

Youtube or your own awesome playlist
Music at a party is a must! Your party is going to be amazing if you have a great selection of music according to your theme. If it's Halloween, make it spooky and cool. You can also consider to have a dance area and play interesting and the 'in' music to hype the event. You guys can enjoy the party and have fun at the same time.

I hope you get some ideas and where to get your stuff if you're organizing a team event. Not just for Halloween, you can try to engage these recommended people/company for any events. Even if you're not in Malaysia, you can also get some cute pinatas out there to make your event more fun. ;P I love pinatas, but I prefer to keep them rather than hit them. =.=

I would love to know if you can recommend me some awesome place to buy beautiful decor items. Feel free to share this article and your ideas/recommendations too. :)


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  1. Hi Sofia! Thanks so much for mentioning us in your blog... these are great tips! i am so glad you enjoyed the pinata. Rm100 inside it? I would fight for that with all my might LOL LOL
    thanks again....

    1. Hi Diyana! :D Sure, I'm happy to do so cuz you're totally awesome. I super love your pinatas >3 Yeah RM 100 and the team were excited to get all the money and sweets. It was awesome. I surely write more about you and the pinatas once I have the time. Thanks for sharing my article in your blog too. You're great :)