Love life quotes ❤

Love life quotes...

Open your mind, heart and arms ;)
❅Open your mind and life will open for you❅
❅A dream is a mere dream without action. Take action, that is the vision❅

A true writer speaks in their writing piece to change lives❅
I learn that tomorrow always comes too soon. 
Live your dreams before tomorrow never come.
Show how much you love.❅

❅Great heart feels alike❅
I’m not going to let other people take away the real me❅

❅Step back and remind who you really are❅
Find that faith if you don’t have any because faith will give you confidence❅

❅Time is the most precious essence❅
It is so important to be humble. It shows your identity❅

Power of love and life made turn into quotes and poetry❅
Insecurities are so real that only you know better. Insecurities ain’t real, it is just in your head❅

I would rather think about the worst rather than not thinking at all
Age is just a state of mind. You only old when you surrender

You give me all the things I need to keep writing. The most important thing you give me you!
Our story is not the same but it is well connected

  I learned a lot today. I learned a lot every day. Make learning a habit  
What we do in life will echo for eternity

You don’t have to be right in everything. You have to be right in something
What do you think is worth fighting for? To me, it is love and peace

❤Love life quotes❤
by Sofia Naznim

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